Chuck D and KRS-One respond to Bow Wow’s calls for a hip-hop union
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Chuck D and KRS-One respond to Bow Wow's calls for a hip-hop union

A couple of weeks ago, Bow Wow called for rappers to unionise. “Hip-hop needs a board!” he wrote on social media. Rap legends Chuck D and KRS-One have since invited him to join a discussion on the subject.

Bow Wow sparked conversation among rap fans when he posted a tweet calling for rappers to unite under one flag. Using the NBA Players Association as a reference point, he said: “No different than the NBA [with] the players association. A committee that can set rules, keep things in control, and protect this thing we call hip hop! And have a retirement plan for the OG rappers. I hate seeing my heroes liquored out, no money, just washed.”

But the industry is already one step ahead. In July 2022, the Hip Hop Alliance was launched by genre pioneers Chuck D, Kurtis Blow, KRS-One and Doug E. Fresh. The first of its kind, the HA is a “strategic partnership that represents the needs and concerns of the hip hop and R&B workforce through advocacy, information, and service. We’re passionate about our mission to improve the working lives of creators.”

Now, Chuck D and KRS-One have responded to Bow Wow’s comments. “Like every other aspect of society’s workforce, the artists and creators of Hip Hop need protection, support and advocacy,” they wrote in a statement. “From label disputes to intellectual property retrieval and the need for an overall governing body, the Hip Hop Alliance was established.”

“Recent comments this weekend created a unique opportunity to bring forth a conversation that many in Hip Hop & R&B have been addressing for a long time. The need of a governing body of Hip Hop. The goal of HHA is to empower artists to make informed decisions about their career and ensure that their rights are respected and protected.”

The Hip Hop Alliance requested Bow Wow’s attendance at a conversation on Clubhouse on Friday, January 20th. If you missed it, the former child star is also expected to appear on HHA’s Black History Month online conference on February 25th.