Chuck D has the perfect business plan for Drake and Kendrick Lamar
(Credit: Kim Metso)


Chuck D has the perfect business plan for Drake and Kendrick Lamar

Public Enemy frontman Chuck D has recently commented on the feud between West Coast native Kendrick Lamar and Scorpion emcee Drake. Taking to Twitter/X, the ‘Rebel With A Cause’ lyricist insisted that the division is not constructive and gave a potential solution. 

The 1980s icon has been watching the exchange of records between the two and even overlooked the Dreamville Fest apology from ‘7 Minute Drill’ emcee J Cole. Although he is no stranger to the competitive nature of hip-hop, Chuck D (real name Carl Ridenhour) has expressed that the three should end the feud now and go on tour.

Taking to Twitter/X on May 5th, Ridenhour admitted that he has sided with Kendrick throughout this battle but would prefer it if the three artists united for the benefit of the culture. Expressing this, the musician wrote, “These fantastic 3 rappers (I’m biased for KL) have songs that never will get this public attention,” he noted. “Hence this low-hanging kid sh*t turns casuals heads.”

Highlighting how much fans would love a “Big 3” tour, he continued, “Get them all on a TOUR so we can pick seats.” As well as suggesting the three show a unified front, he also explained to his followers how the game has changed concerning people’s attitudes towards age.

Pointing out how he was considered old when he hit 30, he proceeded to explain that Kendrick and Drake, who are both nearly 40, are still thriving, writing, “I didn’t make music for kids, but if they got it, it wouldn’t ROT them. When I turned 30, I was old in Rap. Same with 40, 50, 60. Now, with all going on in the world, 40-year-olds are asking me about 3 millionaire great rappers beefing.”

Many rappers from the ’80s, ’90s and 2000s have commented on the beef, including Memphis Bleek, who voiced his support for Lamar,  Rodney O and even Bun B, although the Texan had a more positive view of the beef, writing on Instagram, “Fans get more music done on a high level. No one is physically hurt. Enjoy it! I know I am!”

To show his desire for a three-person tour, Chuck D also sketched a picture of the three MCs with all of the musicians looking desperate and full of sorrow. You can see Ridenhour’s sketch below.