Chuck D calls Eminem a “lyrical cyborg”
(Credit: Kim Metso)


Chuck D calls Eminem a “lyrical cyborg”

Legendary Public Enemy rapper and activist Chuck D labelled Detroit emcee Eminem as a “lyrical cyborg” during a recent appearance on the Drink Champs podcast hosted by Noreaga and DJ EFN. The term “cyborgs” sounds negative. However, the artist (real name Carlton Ridenhour) proclaimed it in a complimentary manner. 

The ‘Fight The Power’ rapper was asked about lyricists and questioned on who he thinks is untouchable. He responded, “Eminem and Black Thought… big ups to Black Thought, The Roots, and also Eminem. Cyborgs, man!” He continued, “They’re cyborgs, but let me tell you this, we can also get caught up ’cause, you know, you got future generations, and then you got people who ain’t gonna even get on the register who are so dope.”

As well as the aforementioned, Ridenhour also gave a shoutout to the Brooklyn rapper Skyzoo. Following the honourable mention, Skyzoo (real name) took to Instagram to praise the Public Enemy frontman, posting, “The good word on a Sunday from the pastor of hip-hop, the legendary rhyme animal Chuck D. An absolute icon. Honoured x humbled x grateful, to say the least. Thank you, OG. The book I studied from as a young aspiring writer had chapters dedicated to your penmanship in it. I learned from you 1,000%. Salute OG.”

The conversation was sparked following a list that Billboard magazine compiled earlier this year, which attempted to highlight the ‘Top 50 Greatest Rappers of All Time.’ Ridenhour was featured on the list, appearing as number 34. Eminem was also on the list at number five, while Black Thought was placed at 28. You can watch Ridenhour’s Drink Champs interview in the video below.