Childish Gambino once labelled Azelia Banks “the best”
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Childish Gambino once labelled Azelia Banks "the best"

Childish Gambino (real name Donald Glover) is a seriously talented individual who is so versatile he can do just about anything. He can sing, rap, produce, act and even perform comedy. With that being said, nowadays, he is mostly acclaimed for his acting and music but more so for the latter. 

The musician has released many critically acclaimed projects over the years, such as 2013’s Because The Internet and 2016’s “Awaken My Love!” and is always open about who inspires him creatively. While some of those inspirations are more obvious, some have left the wider rap world scratching their heads.

Earlier this year, in an interview for the Complex YouTube series G.O.A.T. Talk alongside his Mr & Mrs Smith co-star Maya Erskine, Glover revealed that despite his crazy comments and manic public meltdowns, he still considers Kanye West the G.O.A.T. rapper.

However, in 2020, after a two-year hiatus, the ‘Redbone’ singer took to social media to engage with his fans who were wondering about upcoming projects. While he was speaking to his followers, he even revealed who he was listening to during lockdown. The rapper he picked out left the whole set of followers confused.

Answering one fan’s question about his favourite MCs, in a since-deleted tweet, Glover wrote, “21, Tierra, Steve G Lover, and Keem r my favourites right now. But Azealia is the best.” This exchange wasn’t the first time he had shown over to Azealia Banks.

In 2018, Glover released a cartoon-inspired music video for his hit ‘Feels Like Summer’ which featured various famous faces. The visuals saw a child-like Trippie Redd and Lil’ Pump chase each other around the street while Travis Scott ruined a Lego castle Nicki Minaj had built.

Fans were curious as to who had been included in the video. However, what people did not expect was the cartoon to include Azealia Banks sitting in a tree isolated from her rap counterparts, but the depiction was relatively accurate.

Responding to the video, Banks tweeted, “Especially when you know how left out I feel sometimes I’m so happy and honoured to be included in this. Funny, people often tell me about dreams they have of me sitting up in trees. I’m delightfully intrigued by what it could mean! This is definitely something I can show to the ‘Who Is Azealia Banks’ crowd. Thank you again.”

You can see the video for ‘Feels Like Summer’ in the video below.