Chance The Rapper gives an update on his upcoming album
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Chance The Rapper gives an update on his upcoming album

Chicago emcee Chance The Rapper recently updated fans on his highly-anticipated upcoming album, Star Line Gallery. The musician recently participated in a phone-in interview with Julia Lepidi on her Detroit radio show ‘The Julia Show’ to speak about the project, which is a follow-up to his 2019 album, The Big Day.

The host congratulated the lyricist on his upcoming tour celebrating his 2013 mixtape Acid Rap‘s 10th anniversary. Asking him how it feels ten years on, the rapper (real name Chancellor Bennett) replied, “It’s a crazy thing and to hear people talk about it, and what it meant what it meant for them and what brought them to the project, it’s just a cool thing.

“It’s crazy that it permeated and stayed with so many people so long, and now ten years out, there are so many people excited about the concerts,” he continued.

About the progress of the album’s creation, Lepidi asked, “What’s the latest on that?” Bennett revealed, “Yeah, it’s been awesome! It’s been such a different experience and approach to it. I have been really focusing on the individual songs, and it’s one of my proudest projects in terms of writing and artistic vision. 

He continued, “It’s been something that I have tried to put as much time and intention into…there’s so much work to be done!” Bennett revealed, “The namesake of the album is from the Black Starline Shipping Company, which started in the early 1900s and was a black-owned trade company that created not just economic opportunities for black people but also a connection and passenger ship so people could have real relations with other countries.”

The ‘Cocoa Butter Kisses’ emcee once revealed that he finds Marcus Garvey incredibly inspirational and, following the success of his Black Star Line Festival in Ghana earlier this year, he has recently announced that he is looking to host the next festival in Jamaica and is on a mission to connect black people across the world.