Cassidy battles himself on new fiery single
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Cassidy battles himself on new fiery single

Philadelphia emcee Cassidy has released a new track on which he proves he’s his only competition as he battles himself on ‘Bars Is Back Vs. Da Energy.’ Produced by Beats By N.U.G, the lyrics hear the artist diss himself, taking on two separate characters.

Released on February 21st, the lyricist posted a battle-style face-off photo of himself with the caption, “#Battle rap back. I’m my only competition.” The rapper has shown to his fans that he does not believe there is anybody on his level lyrically.

Fans took to the comment section in droves to show their excitement about the track, with one user writing, “Damn, I feel like a kid again,” while another wrote, “My favourite rapper of all time, this is the vintage Cassidy I grew up to and look up to.”

One fan loved it so much that they told Philadelphia artist he should have released it in conjunction with his project, writing, “Nah Cass, what are you doing??? This was supposed to be on your new album, WHY are you releasing this? I don’t get it man, as dope as this was, I’m very disappointed.”

This latest song isn’t the first time Cassidy has battled himself. In 2005, he released ‘The Problem vs. The Hustla’, which was the openingP track for his second studio album, I’m A Hustla, which debuted at number five on the Billboard 200.  

Earlier this year, Cassidy released his single, ‘Rap Katt Williams,’ which played on the explosive Club Shay Shay interview the comedian gave during which he attacked multiple celebrities.

On the track, Cassidy (real name Barry Reese) took some shots at Meek Mill as well as diddy, rapping, “This not a diss, I put a song with Puff out before / It’s all love but I ain’t been to Puff house before / I ain’t got nothing bad to say about the boy / But once you get your foot in, it’s hard to get out the door.”