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Cardi B and her writers face backlash from Montana of 300 over similar lyrics

Rapper Montana of 300 has called out Cardi B for her use of similar lyrics to his own.

“Whoever writing for Cardi B be listening to me real closely,” the well-travelled Chicago artist said on Twitter. “From the ‘blood on my shoes… that’s red bottoms’ to my ‘You a p*ssy and a b*tch n*gga, Cat Dog‘,” Montana continued. “N I jus heard her say ‘You P*ssy and a Rat, Tom and Jerry’. At least that writer is executing the sh*t.”

The ‘Tom and Jerry’ line which Montana mentioned was used by Cardi on her track, ‘Best Life’, in 2018, three years after he used it on ‘Fge Cypher’.

Montana’s fans supported his comments, and some even went as far as accusing Eminem and Lil Durk of also stealing bars from him.

Montana isn’t the first person to criticise Cardi’s lyricism. Back in 2018, Hot 97 DJ Funk Flex namedropped her when he said that he “can’t stand rappers who don’t write they shit”.

He continued his rant on Twitter, adding, “Most artists write… stop saying they don’t.. stop trying to lower the standard to protect bullshit! #JustMyOpinion.”

See the tweet, below.