Cardi B once revealed it was an actress who inspired her to “dream big”
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Cardi B once revealed it was an actress who inspired her to "dream big"

Cardi B has become one of the most prevalent female rappers ever. Aged 31, the emcee (real name Belcalis Almanzar) has already accrued a Grammy, seven Billboard Awards, 14 BET Awards, and four VMA’s. However, the Bronx native worked her way up from the Highbridge projects and was heavily inspired by one particular actress.

In 2021, while presenting an award at the People’s Choice Award, Cardi unveiled that since she was a young girl, Emmy-award-winning actress Halle Berry had always inspired her to “dream big”.

As Cardi B bestowed the People’s Icon Award upon Berry, she proudly told the crowd, “Halle Berry is one of my heroes. She’s strong, she’s brilliant, and she was the first woman of colour to win an Academy Award for Best Actress.”

She continued, “Little girls like me dream big, [Berry was] inspiring us to reach the stars and break records of our own.” The actress was honoured with the award for her work in film and her activism. Berry has starred in films such as Boomerang, Monster’s Ball, the X-Men franchise, New Year’s Eve, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, and others.

In a strange turn of events, after receiving the award, the 57-year-old actress admitted that the love was mutual and she was a great admirer of Cardi’s. Making a heartfelt acceptance speech, Berry began, “To have Cardi B present you with an icon award — I don’t think a moment could be bigger in my life.”

She continued, “Thank you, everyone. Thank you. The only reason I have been here for 30 years, still working, doing what I love on my own terms, redefining myself decade after decade, is because of all of you, every single one of you!”

Cardi had enjoyed the luxury of working with Berry before the ceremony when she recorded a song for the soundtrack of the movie Bruised, Berry’s directorial debut. Singing the rapper’s praises to Billboard magazine, Berry disclosed, “Cardi, being so of her word, didn’t say, ‘Oh, it can’t happen.’ She went the extra mile, and you made sure that we got the rights to use the record. I can say, honestly, not everybody would have done that, and I so respect her. She said yes, and she stood by her word.”

You can watch Halle Berry accept her People’s Icon Award in the video below.