Cardi B announces sportswear collaboration with Reebok
(Credit: Frank Schwichtenberg)


Cardi B announces sportswear collaboration with Reebok

‘Up’ rapper Cardi B has recently announced she will be undertaking a second collaboration with sportswear brand Reebok. Furthermore, the Bronx rapper has announced on short notice that it will be arriving within the next two months.

Cardi B has been behind the scenes lately and has not been showing face as much as she usually does. However, with Nicki Minaj seemingly retiring, having just released a greatest hits compilation almost in celebration of her career as it comes to an end. Cardi may now be the front runner of female rap.

Cardi fans (known colloquially as the Bardi Gang) are excited to see what the ‘WAP’ rapper has been getting up to on the fashion front following recent online snippets of her working with Reebok designers. Having just finished a collaboration with Memphis female rapper GloRilla, Cardi has been in and out of the spotlight as she balances the life of being a famous rapper with being a mother.

The Bronx rapper recently ran into a nasty spat with rapper Akbar V on Twitter, who labelled her an “industry b*tch”, finishing up by calling Cardi’s husband a “b*tch”. However, it has evidently not stopped Cardi from progressing as she continues her fashion endeavours with Reebok.

Like G-unit in the early noughties, Cardi has teamed up with the sportswear brand Reebok. However, Cardi is not there to design only sneakers but female sportswear too. The rapper shared a short video featuring behind-the-scenes footage of her perfecting the garments at the Reebok design studios. And as a female who is personally selecting and crafting the apparel, she has made it clear her vision and goal is for the collection to be “as girly as possible.”

With magenta and hot pink featuring heavily in this collection, it is no doubt they will sell out fast. You can see the short video cardi shared in the tweet below.