Cam’Ron says that Taylor Swift is now bigger than Kanye West
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Cam'Ron says that Taylor Swift is now bigger than Kanye West

Former Diplomats member Cam’Ron recently insisted that Taylor Swift is now so much bigger than Kanye West that she overshadowed the release of West’s album, Vultures 1.

During an episode of the It Is What It Is podcast, which he co-hosts with his long-time friend Ma$e, Cam’Ron (real name Cameron Giles) discussed the rumour that West got kicked out of the Super Bowl due to his proximity to Taylor Swift.

The pop singer and megastar was present at this year’s Super Bowl match between the San Francisco 49’ers and the Kansas City Chiefs, where her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, played.

Her presence in the crowd was of much focus, and some have even argued that her mere presence meant more than Usher’s Halftime show. Swift has had a strange relationship with West. Kanye has referenced her on several occasions, including on his 2016 single ‘Famous’ on which he claimed he made her famous.

Speaking about West’s previous harassment of Swift, Giles stated, “[You] tried to diss that young lady years ago, and she ain’t forget about it,” referring to the infamous incident from the 2009 VMAs.

He continued, “She don’t want to be seen with you, let alone the Super Bowl screen. That man got up there, embarrassed Taylor Swift at them awards, tried to go Beyoncé crazy.”

Revealing he believes the pop singer is now bigger than West, Giles professed, “Taylor Swift, since that moment, became an astronomical superstar — awards on top of awards, record sales on top of record sales — and now, to me at this particular point, Taylor Swift is a bigger star than Kanye.”

He concluded, “There’s a reason the NFL is showing her 17 times a game, each and every week. That’s just my opinion. I believe with all this stuff going on with Kanye now, his celebrity kind of died down. Kanye just put an album out last week, I didn’t even know.”