Bugzy Malone became “quite insecure” after his 2020 quad bike crash
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Bugzy Malone became "quite insecure" after his 2020 quad bike crash

UK rapper Bugzy Malone has admitted that following his 2020 quad bike crash in Manchester, he became highly insecure as a person and rapper. However, the King Of The North lyricist has since changed.

Although Bugzy Malone is primarily a rapper, since his fame, he has also been cast in movies and even hired as a model for fashion campaigns. As such, the emcee (real name Aaron Davis) placed a lot of emphasis on his looks. 

In 2020, Davis crashed his quad bike into a car while riding through Manchester and subsequently suffered a brain bleed. Although the police department revealed that his injuries were “not believed to be life-threatening.” In an interview with The Sunthe artist unveiled that he was “unconscious” and “sustained serious injuries” due to the collision.

When the rhymer was well enough to begin recording again, he released a project entitled The Resurrection. However, it was during this period that the rapper felt “really quite insecure.”

In a conversation for the newspaper, Davis admitted, “I put a lot of my identity into being a guy that could look after myself, so when I was smashed to bits, I didn’t know how to react. It took me a while to get my confidence back. But now I’ve made something serious.”

Since 2020, Bugzy Malone has been featured on a lot of successful songs such as Russ Millions ‘Body (Remix)’ and others. As such, he has regained his confidence as a person and artist.

Concluding, the rapper admitted that he had a slightly negative demeanour before and that since the crash, he has become re-enlightened, finalising, “You get people that haven’t yet become positive or understand the effect of positivity in life, which is why I talk about being inspired, it’s a mind-set.”