Brockhampton’s final album will be delayed says Kevin Abstract
(Credit: Brockhampton)


Brockhampton's final album will be delayed says Kevin Abstract

The wait for the final album from hip hop group Brockhampton will last a little longer, as Kevin Abstract confirms a delay to the release.

They confirmed earlier this year that the collective was planning on calling it a day and move on to solo ventures. Still, before they split off into different directions, they will be joining forces for one more Brockhampton album.

Abstract took to Twitter to write, “Our next and final album as Brockhampton has been pushed back and will not be released until next year.”

Meanwhile, the group’s creative director and member Henock’ HK’ Sileshi sent out a message on the same platform, which suggested the hold up was due to Brockhampton looking for new recruits. He posted, “Pushing the album back to see how these new members we’re scouting make it thru tryouts.”

Earlier this year, Abstract explained the decision for the split and said, “We all love each other and we wanna continue making the best music we can. Everybody just getting a lil older and got a lot to say outside of group projects.”

Additionally, in an interview with GQ, the group’s Bearface explained: “We didn’t have that many more albums in us.”

“Everybody’s given their life for the last 10 years,” added Romil Hemnani. “And at a certain point, people deserve to give their lives to themselves. So it feels like it’s time to let everyone just spread their wings and do the things that they want to do.”

It was only earlier this year that they shared their seventh album Roadrunner: New Light, New Machine, and they’ve been prolific in their time together, with Brockhampton earning the right to make sure they get their last record just right.