Brockhampton perform for the final time with new album ‘TM’
(Credit: Brockhampton)

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Brockhampton perform for the final time with new album ‘TM’

Brockhampton have always been a band full of surprises. Only a day after The Family was set to be their final outing, they dropped news of a farewell performance of their parting gift TM

The new surprise record was started when the band were in California last year, it apparently remained unfinished, thus, to close the curtains on their eight-album career, Matt Champion helmed TM as executive producer and they’ve released it as a “gift” to fans.

However, the goodies don’t stop there. The collective have also announced that they will live stream their final ever performance for fans eager to catch just one last glimpse of them before they go solo. 

They will be taking the stage at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles on Saturday (November 19th), and the concert will be broadcast live via Amazon Music’s Twitch channel. A small number of tickets will also be made available at the venue. 

Abstract’s parting statement read: “Everyone took a risk. We found each other and planted out own trees. I had a vision when I posted, but the way it would end up not only changing my life but having an impact on the culture we grew up on? Thank you.”

Both The Family and TM are currently available to stream.