Bow Wow claims his hatred of Kris Kross nearly stopped him from working with Jermaine Dupri
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Bow Wow claims his hatred of Kris Kross nearly stopped him from working with Jermaine Dupri

Rapper Bow Wow has admitted that he almost didn’t sign with influential producer Jermaine Dupri because he couldn’t stand his group, Kris Kross. 

The rapper made the revelation during a recent appearance on the My Expert Opinion podcast and discussed his complicated relationship with his former mentor. “I was on the football field playing football for my school,” he said. “And my mom’s like, ‘C’mere.’ She was like, ‘We’re leaving tomorrow.’ I said, ‘What do you mean, leaving tomorrow?'”

It transpired that Bow Wow’s mother had organised a meeting with Dupri in Atlanta, although the young musician wasn’t sure who he was until she informed him. 

“She said, ‘You know, Kris Kross?’ And as soon as she said Kris Kross — and rest in peace to Kris — I was like, ‘Nah, I’m cool,'” he continued. “Because I was such a hater of Kris Kross, being on Death Row … and I’m watching these n-ggas go up. I’m like, ‘I hate these n-ggas.’… I despised Kris Kross. And then once I met ABC, I clicked with them.”

Elsewhere, when speaking on the Baller Alert Show on April 6th, Bow Wow further detailed his and Dupri’s relationship, comparing them to two famous Star Wars characters. “We had a conversation not too long ago. I’ll keep that there,” the rapper said. “We spoke our peace not too long ago face to face. And then he did the Breakfast Club interview and I saw that and immediately hit him. We made a little pact that we ain’t even gon’ speak on this.”

He continued: “It’s like Obi-Wan and Anakin. That’s me and him. It’s the OG that know it all, been through it all, got the years, got all the recognition. And then Anakin, who then turns to Darth Vader later, was the young protege of Obi. Always the one ready to get out there and get it crackin’ – then Obi is like, ‘You’re not ready.’ They always butt heads because they’re so much alike.”