Boosie Badazz says Southern rap fans rank him higher than Jay-Z
(Credit: Boosie Badazz)


Boosie Badazz says Southern rap fans rank him higher than Jay-Z

A Twitter firestorm has taken over the social media platform following a tweet which asserted hip-hop fans from the South would rank Louisiana rapper Boosie Badazz higher than Jay-Z. The ‘Set It Off’ musician evidently agreed and retweeted the post causing a vast array of cultural figures and commentators to weigh in on the debate.

Boosie Badazz is a regular fixture on VLADTV and is often in the news cycle for what he says instead of the music he releases. However, by retweeting the highly polarising comment, the Baton Rouge artist has again stirred up controversy and got people to say his name.

The initial tweet read, “Nobody from the South has Jay-Z ahead of Boosie on their all time list.” Boosie responded, “I F*CK WITH JIGGA BUT THIS FACTS. STREET N*GGAS N DA SOUTH DONT PUT HOV OVER BADAZZ.”

The LA-based rap podcast No Jumper then shared the tweet with their fans, who debated the two in the comments section. One of the most viewed responses in defence of Jay-Z read, “Gun to your head, name five songs by Boosie.” However, this did not settle the raging back and forth. 

One Southerner and fan of Boosie wrote, “I knew Set It Off word for word at seven. I’m 23 and don’t know any Jay-Z besides ‘Hard Knock Life.” However, highlighting how Boosie Badazz only makes news when he’s talking about people, one user replied, “Bro, only relevant by speaking on other rappers.”

Many suggested that real fans of Boosie are gangsters from the South who aren’t even on Twitter. One user wrote, “You can tell most these comments ain’t coming from the south.”

Boosie is most known for his 2006 hit ‘Set It Off’. However, the Louisiana rapper has been overshadowed by Lil Wayne for most of his career and has remained popular on the underground in the South.