Boosie Badazz: “Kanye Has No Respect For Our People”
(Credit: Boosie Badazz)

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Boosie Badazz: "Kanye Has No Respect For Our People"

Lousiana rapper Boosie Badazz is often in the news, and it’s usually pertaining to his extreme views and opinions. The ‘Set It Off’ musician is constantly talking about peers and not always in a negative way. However, in an appearance on the My Expert Opinion podcast with Matthew Hoffa, the artist slammed Kanye West and his alleged disregard for black people. 

This is not the first time the Baton Rouge emcee (real name Torrence Hatch) has lambasted Kanye West, and won’t be the last. During his conversation with Hoffa and his co-hosts, Hatch unveiled that ever since West insisted that African-American slavery was a choice, all the Chicago producer has done is undermine his fellow black people.

Hatch detailed how he has short bursts of hatred for Kanye and is constantly erratically aggravated by his behaviour. When talking about West’s 2022 meltdown, the emcee explained, ” I was pissed off at Kanye West! I was pissed off! I was tweeting about hm and everything, spelling wrong words. I don’t like what Kanye do to our black race.”

In a serious manner, the ‘Wipe Me Down’ act asserted, “I don’t know what blacks done to him, but when he was with all that sh*t, I felt like Kanye West don’t like black people. I don’t agree with noting Kanye West says! I feel like as a person, from what I have seen him do, and say about black people, he has no love or respect for the black race!”

His strong, clear-cut opinion was shocking to Hoffa. However, he understood why Boosie had come to that conclusion. Hatch continued, “I feel he loves the white race more. You [Kanye] have this huge platform, and you’re always tryna put black people under the foot… say, George Floyd, this is what we live for! We’ve been in poverty and detriment for too long, and you use your platform to disgrace us and our culture!”

Kanye West is undoubtedly controversial. However, his 2022 meltdown is still talked about to this day, as it was disgraceful to many. The manic episode which also played out on social media, saw the cultural icon removed from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

You can see Boosie speaking on Kanye below.