Blueface reveals net worth: it’s “pretty accurate”
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Blueface reveals net worth: it's "pretty accurate"

‘Thotiana’ rapper Blueface has been discussing his net worth on social media. Several other artists in the rap game have disputed the figures linked to their names on Google, but Blueface says his is “pretty accurate.”

Taking to Twitter recently, the 26-year-old told his followers. “My net worth is pretty accurate. Which is kinda weird to me, ’cause how do they know [for real]?”

The rapper’s question received numerous responses, including one in which somebody claimed: “They add up every bar you rap about money and give it a weight value. Then sum total that bitch, it’s pretty simple maths,”

At the start of 2023, Blueface revealed that he’d earned nearly $800k via OnlyFans. Other revenue streams include streaming royalties and his Crazy in Love reality series starring Chrisean Rock, which has just wrapped its first season.

Other fans were surprised by the estimated $5m Blueface is apparently worth: “For as much clout as you and Rock generate I thought you were worth much more [than that],” one fan wrote. You can watch the some of the first season of Crazy In Love below.