Biopic in the works about Death Row co-founder Suge Knight
(Credit: Nick Leisure)


Biopic in the works about Death Row co-founder Suge Knight

A biopic about Death Row co-founder Suge Knight is in the works following him, selling his life rights.

Deadline report that Knight sold the rights to producer Steve Whitney and his company TSW Films. Whitney’s previous work includes a remake of Amityville Horror in 2005. Since 2018, Knight has been incarcerated after pleading no contest to voluntary manslaughter.

The publication includes previous comments made by the hip-hop mogul about potentially selling his life rights and about his story. “Over the last 30 years, there has been so much talk about Compton, me, the inner cities, and Death Row – a lot of talk,” Knight said.

“Even when it comes to making my movie there has been so many imposters saying they have my rights, or they got the deal – that was, and is, all talk.

“I jumped off the porch in my neighbourhood at a young age but never forgot where I came from. Most people try to ride for the hills, I made it and tried to bring as many people to the hills with me and feel that I was successful at it.”

Nick Cassavetes and Anthony Thorne will write the biopic. However, as it stands, no further details such as the release date or title are yet to be disclosed.