Biggie Smalls’ son to present a new documentary on his legacy
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Biggie Smalls' son to present a new documentary on his legacy

The son of legendary Brooklyn rapper Biggie Smalls will be the presenter and narrator of a new exclusive documentary exploring his father’s life and legacy following his murder in 1997.

Entitled Understanding Christopher Wallace, the documentary will look into aspects of his personal life, such as how and where he grew up, his rise to fame and the unfortunate events that led to his death.

Christopher Wallace Jr., Biggies Smalls’ son, who will be the frontman of this upcoming project, was born only five months before his father passed away, and is the son of the legendary, Grammy-winning R’n’B singer Faith Evans.

The documentary has been teased as an intimate look at the untold life story of one of the greatest rappers to ever live … from the perspective of the son who never knew him.” Executive Producer Lorren Hammonds revealed the documentary is necessary because “The Notorious B.I.G. had such an immense impact on not only music, but also on popular culture as a whole.”

In a statement pertaining to the documentary, Wallace Jr. declared, “Over the past few years, I realized my personal journey is connected to understanding who Christopher George Latore Wallace was outside of his big rap persona.”

He continued, “I am on a journey to fully understand the world he lived in and the massive impact he had on American and Black history and by doing so, I can ensure that I honour his hopes and dreams while I build and create my own legacy for future generations of Wallaces.”

The documentary has been produced by Time Studios and will see interviews from other hip-hop figures, including Lil Kim, Jadakiss, Lil Cease and more. Time Studios have stated that they “cannot wait to share their remarkable journeys with audiences worldwide.”