Big Gipp says Beyoncé and Tupac would be a couple if he was alive today
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Big Gipp says Beyoncé and Tupac would be a couple if he was alive today

Atlanta rapper Big Gipp has claimed that if Tupac was still alive today, he would be in a romantic relationship with Beyoncé, and not her husband Jay-Z, as the late rapper had a natural edge.

Gipp made the comments when speaking to Art of Dialogue. His speculation started when Gipp was asked about Billboard and Vibe’s “greatest rappers of all time” list, which ranked Jay-Z in the top spot, and the late Tupac in No. 4. As with many fans of hip-hop, Gipp didn’t fully agree with the list. 

“To me, Tupac… Only reason you inching Jay-Z past Tupac is because he got goddamn Beyoncé,” he said. “You take Beyoncé away, he ain’t got shit. Bar for bar? Yeah, he might rap better than ‘Pac, but ‘Pac came with the heart. That’s different, it’s just different. You can never beat the heart, bro.”

Gipp then mentioned that whilst some musicians are technically talented, others have a natural swagger that pips their rivals. “Just like the difference between Jordan and LeBron,” Gipp continued. “Jordan, technical. That motherf*cker technical. LeBron? Gangster. Goon shit. Two different styles. If ‘Pac was here, who do you think the girl would have been with?” 

Elsewhere in the interview, Gipp noted that Tupac was branching out into acting at the time of his death. “That boy was a triple threat. He did groups that was successful, solo albums that was successful and movies that was successful,” Gipp said. “Hands down. If he had lived, he would have smoked everything walking.”

Big Gipp’s recent interview wasn’t the only contentious one he’s given this year. In January, when speaking on the Bad Speakers Podcast, he looked back on the time Tupac confronted Biggie Smalls at the Soul Train Awards.

“Just imagine, we get out there to The Soul Train Awards. We giving out an award, when we give out the award, it go to commercial break,” said Gipp. “Just kick open, boom! It’s Tupac. He come down the middle of the road like, ‘Yeah! What’s up shawty! He got on all the camouflage, Big Suge with him. Ran right after Biggie and them.”