Big Daddy Kane and UK rapper almost come to blows
(Credit: Rusty Shack)


Big Daddy Kane and UK rapper almost come to blows

At a recent Hip Hop 50 event at London’s O2 Forum Kentish Town, Juice Crew legend Big Daddy Kane nearly entered into a fight with UK emcee Kamachi Sly. The two 1980s rappers had never met before, but things nearly got physical following an altercation no one expected.

Kane (real name Antonio Hardy) was headlining the event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of hip-hop. The epic line-up included the likes of Elzhi, Onyx, Masta Ace and others. However, due to the location of the performance, several UK rappers featured on the bill, one of which was Kamanchi Sly (real name Ronnie Nwohia).

According to multiple sources, the disagreement concerned Sly’s late arrival. Due to his tardiness, Nwohia got cut from the bill, which led to a lot of angst backstage as he tried to rearrange the set times. Despite people telling him to go home, the Hijack member forced his way onto the stage during a Kane performance.

In a video captured of the event, Kane can be seen rapping some of his most well-known songs, such as ‘Long Live The Kane’ and ‘Ain’t No half-Steppin’ when, all of a sudden, Nwohia wanders onto the stage in an attempt to take over. Hardy can be seen accepting it for a short while. However, he eventually confronted the UK emcee.

In a heated exchange, Kane can be heard saying, “You’re doing too much playboy!” He then proceeded to state, “I need the stage. You’re doing too much.” The Brooklyn legend even called to the scene.

Hardy attempts to push Sly away. However, the former Hijack member insists he wants a go on to the microphone as he was late and missed his allocated time, to which Kane responded, “That ain’t my fuckin’ problem.”

The harassment from Nwohia culminated in taking off his jacket and getting ready to fight before his crew members came and diffused the situation. Kamachi Sly didn’t end up performing at the Hip Hop 50. However, Big Daddy Kane’s performance was legendary.