Big Boi once revealed his favourite Outkast lyric
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Big Boi once revealed his favourite Outkast lyric

As part of the Atlanta duo Outkast Big Boi has seen the top of the charts and huge success. With their Southern soul-infused music, Big Boi and Andre 3000 have released Grammy-award-winning albums such as AqueminiStankonia and Speakerboxxx/The Love Below.  

Big Boi was rapping before he met his partner in crime, Andre 3000. However, the duo came together as teenagers in East Atlanta following a rap battle at the Lenox Square Mall, a popular hotspot on the city’s East side. Following this, the two recognised their talents and swiftly became a dynamic duo as Outkast.

Outkast performed all over the US at festivals such as Coachella and even award ceremonies like The Grammys. The duo explored new realms with each of their projects and, as such, managed to acquire six Grammy awards and six BET awards. Years later, they are still relevant and considered one of the most innovative hip-hop acts ever.

In an interview with online music publication HipHopDX, Big Boi sat down to speak about some of his career highlights. During the conversation, the Atlanta emcee (real name Antwan Patton) was asked about his favourite Outkast project.

The musician profoundly responded, “That’s like trying to say you like one of your kids better than the other ones. Different albums mean different things. They were different points in our lives when we were going through different things, so they all mean something in a different way.”

He continued, “They all equal. It just depends on any given day. If you’re in the gym, you might listen to ‘Bombs Over Baghdad,’ if you’re riding in the car, you might listen to ‘Mainstream,’ you know what I mean? So, it just depends on the day.”

However, Patton did unveil that he has a favourite lyric from his exceptional discography, which features on the track ‘ATLiens’, stating, “I say a lot of slick shit, you know what I mean? But, ‘Cooler than a polar bear’s toenails’ is very good!” You can hear ‘ATLiens’ in the video below.