Benzino likens 50 Cent to 6ix9ine and calls him the “first hip-hop rat”
(Credit: Alex Const)


Benzino likens 50 Cent to 6ix9ine and calls him the "first hip-hop rat"

Benzino has likened 50 Cent to the disgraced 6ix9ine and called him the “first hip-hop rat”.

During his appearance on It’s Tricky With Raquel Harper, he made the comments and revealed his plans to take legal action against the G-Unit founder. However, he refrained from going into details because it could damage his case.

“We’re just going to talk the facts with this man, because again I can’t say too much because it’s getting ready to go down,” he explained. He also said he has “a whole lawyer team” ready for action.

Benzino continued: “Everybody that defamed and slandered me is getting ready to get sued. Every single site, every radio guy, every personality, they’re all about to be liable.”

He added: “Back on this guy… we’re talking about a man that I once helped, that after he had a situation at the Hit Factory, when he got stabbed, he came to my studio that was not even a block down…he came in my session and I actually called him a car service to get him to the hospital so he can get stitched up.”

Benzino also claimed he rescued Fiddy during the incident at New York City’s Hit Factory studio in 2000 when he “didn’t even know him”.

He continued: “But we’re talking about a man that is on paperwork ratting. We’re talking about a man whose lyrics, that was using federal indictments to indict a bunch of people. … He’s the first 6ix9ine. You know, like, the first hip-hop rat. That’s a fact. Now he’s gone on to do great things. … He filed paperwork against Murder Inc.”

50 Cent has not responded to the allegations.