Benzino clowns Eminem on his new ‘Vulturius’ diss track
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Benzino clowns Eminem on his new 'Vulturius' diss track

Former co-owner of hip-hop magazine The Source Benzino has recently responded to Eminem in a diss track entitled ‘Vulturius’ following a song aimed at him by the Relapse lyricist earlier this year. 

In collaboration with Cole Bennett’s esteemed YouTube channel, Lyrical Lemonade, Eminem released the song ‘Doomsday Pt. 2’ which took aim at Benzino and his daughter, the vocalist Coi Leray. 

On ‘Doomsday Pt. 2′ Eminem (real name Marshall Mathers) made fun of Benzino’s appearance as he rapped, “Now I got a riddle (What?), one condition, you mustn’t laugh / What is the opposite of Benzino? / A giraffe / Go at his neck, how the f*ck is that? / How can I go at somethin’ he doesn’t have? / Arm so short he can’t even touch his hands / When they’re up above his head doin’ jumpin’ jacks.”

Eminem continued by arguing that Benzino is broke and began savagely taking shots at his daughter, spitting, “Well, I guess then I regret to inform you, hate to spoil the day / But this doesn’t bring me no joy to say / Guess that Coi Leray feat’s in the toilet, aye?”

Benzino caught wind of this and did not take it lying down. The two have had a simmering feud for years, which has only recently reignited. The diss track from the Boston lyricist dropped only two days after his appearance on the iconic No Jumper podcast. 

On January 26th, Zino responded to Em addressing his dug issues and skin colour over the instrumental for Jay-Z’s ‘Where I’m From,’ rapping, “Candy-ass Eminem, bitch-ass feminine / Mad he lack melanin, all Valium’d up again / Awe sh*t, here we go, Benzino vs. Jim Crow / Know a custy when I see one, how many times you overdose?”

He continued, “You a punk, plan my funeral? Please, you shoot who?/ Square ain’t even go circle the block for Proof,” he adds on the scathing clap back. Eminem and Benzino have had a feud since 2002 when The Source repeatedly underscored and gave bad reviews of Mathers’ albums.

You can hear ‘Vulturius’ below.