Benny The Butcher was “pissed” his Drake collaboration was shelved
(Credit: Monster/Benny The Butcher)


Benny The Butcher was “pissed” his Drake collaboration was shelved

He may well be one of hip-hop’s serial collaborators, but Benny The Butcher is still annoyed by one song that refuses to surface: his work with Drake.

During a chat with Joe Budden on his Amazon Amp show Conversation Lovers Only, Benny The Butcher confirmed he was “pissed” that the song had not yet hit the airwaves.

“I was pissed, I’m not gonna lie. I was pissed, man,” the musician complained to Budden. “It’s a fucking Drake record! It was surely my biggest record … And the record’s just sitting in my pocket.”

Songs are rarely shelved for no reason, however, Benny The Butcher had no answer for why it might have been canned for the time being. Benny went o to say that he understood that the mechanics of the music industry are never easy to negotiate.

“I don’t know [what happened] neither,” he replied. “I can’t speak for [Drake] and his team … I got schedules. I might do a feature for somebody, and they be like, ‘Benny, we ready to drop this Tuesday.’ And I’m like, ‘N-gga, you ain’t dropping that Tuesday ’cause we holding off, I got this.’

“That’s the biggest artist in the world, so I understand his release schedule might be hectic or he might have people that be like, ‘We can’t drop that right now because we doing this.’ I understand that. He’s the name, but he represents a lot of people that he works with, and his moves affect a lot of people, so I understand that part.”

However, the musician also made it clear that he doesn’t point the blame at Drake and appreciated being contacted in the first place: “I don’t take it to heart,” he added. “No way did I take it like, ‘Damn, he fucked me over!’ I swear to God, I don’t take it like that because this is muthafucking Drake, the biggest artist in the world. Even for him to hit me up personally, that lets me know where he at.”

Listen to the conversation below.