Benny the Butcher on the Freddie Gibbs tweet that sparked a feud
(Credit: Monster/Benny The Butcher)


Benny the Butcher on the Freddie Gibbs tweet that sparked a feud

Benny the Butcher has explained how his feud with Freddie Gibbs began and stated it all started with a tweet.

Last year, the two figures went to war online which escalated to Benny the Butcher’s associates getting involved in a brawl with Gibbs in Buffalo. In a new interview on Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion, Butcher explained how it all began between the pair. “I don’t even think it started on a song, it started on Twitter,” he said.

Benny continued: “It’s two posts that he put up. It’s one that he made that nobody noticed. Nobody noticed until I said something about it. He wasn’t [mentioning me], that’s why I never said nothing about it. He just said something about what happened in Houston first. I was kind of taken back. I fuck with bro. Shit fucked me up. But I never said nothing about it, because nobody else said nothing about it.”

Prior to the feud, they had collaborated together, and Gibbs’ comments came as a “surprise” to Benny. He added: “To be honest with you, it was a surprise. But it’s like, n***** ain’t take it personal after that. I don’t know that n**** obviously. And any n**** I fuck with wouldn’t be doing that.”

Watch the interview below.