Beastie Boys launch new ‘Sabotage’ action figures
(Credit: Alamy)


Beastie Boys launch new 'Sabotage' action figures

These days, little tots are just crazy about the arthouse irreverence that the Beastie Boys brought to the rap game with their punk-adjacent beats. Between PAW Patrol and slime videos, they just can’t get enough of Check Your Head

So fear not, if you’re a parent of one of the millions of nippers relishing the genre-less societal-inclined comedy and creative rhyme of the Beastie Boys then your Christmas shopping can be checked off early this year. 

The rap trio have now teamed up with Super7 to bring fans some “official ReAction Figures paying homage to the original cast of Sabotage.” These moustachioed characters can now be yours if you act quicker than Arnie in Jingle All the Way

Alasondro Alegré, Nathan Wind and Vic Colfari are now fully rendered as vinyl figurines. They even come with accessories like a yummy doughnut, a couple of bananas and a walkie-talkie making them ideal for playtime. What’s more, for the little Miami Vice lover, they also make great stand-ins for Don Johnson and co. 

The heroic triumvirate are retailing at $20 each, and they’re selling very fast. Currently, it’s unclear whether they are part of a wider promotional campaign, as some have predicted, or whether the Beastie Boys have simply moved into the big kid market to make a killing as fans temporarily forget about the economic crisis. Only time will tell. 

You can check out the fantastic plastic gang below.