Baby Keem announces release date for debut album ‘The Melodic Blue’
(Credit: Baby Keem)


Baby Keem announces release date for debut album 'The Melodic Blue'

After a lifetime of teasing audiences and rolling out songs at a snail’s pace, rapper Baby Keem has surprised us all by finally announcing a release date for his debut studio LP. Entitled The Melodic Blue, it’s due for release on September 10th through pgLang, his cousin Kendrick Lamar’s production company Via Columbia. Lamar recently announced his new company pgLang, which he has launched with frequent collaborator Dave Free. 

In August, Kendrick reappeared after a year of silence and dropped a link on, which outlined an opaque update on his mental state and location. In it, he spoke about his new beach cruiser collection and his newfound spirituality. He also revealed that his next album will be his last with longtime home Top Dawg Entertainment. 

The Melodic Blue will serve as Baby Keem’s first-ever full album and is the successor to his acclaimed 2019 mixtape, Die for My Bitch. At the present, he has teased the album by sharing his Travis Scott collaboration ‘Durag Activity’, and the stellar single ‘Family Ties‘ which aptly features Kendrick. The single is split into two parts, with the first triumphant half, features blistering horns, before the latter half takes a much darker, cerebral turn. 

Typically, Baby Keem is still keeping audiences on their toes, as the tracklist for The Melodic Blue is yet to be formally unveiled. However, he did reveal on one of his Instagram stories that he sampled the artist serpentwithfeet on the album.

“Thank you serpentwithfeet,” he communicated. “Helped us keep our date by clearing this sample once I contacted. Appreciates art. Also voice is krazy. Thank you.”

Following Die for My Bitch, Keem also released a string of standalone singles including ‘Hooligan’, ‘No Sense’ and ‘Sons & Critics Freestyle.’

Watch the hazy trailer for The Melodic Blue, below.