Azealia Banks takes shots at Lily Allen for Beyoncé criticism
(Credit: Manfred Werner)


Azealia Banks takes shots at Lily Allen for Beyoncé criticism

New York City emcee Azealia Banks has gone on the rampage again as she attacks Lily Allen for criticising Beyoncé’s latest album, Cowboy Carter. The British singer and songwriter questioned some of Beyoncé’s choices, especially her decision to cover the classic ‘Jolene’.

Many celebrities and influential figures have praised the project and Bey herself for her audacity to enter the country music genre as a black woman. Figures who have lauded the vocalist include Michelle Obama and Paul McCartney.

Earlier this year, Beyoncé won the Innovator Award at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. However, Cowboy Carter has proved to be quite a polarising project as it sees Beyoncé stray incredibly far from her regular R’n’B sonic. 

However, many celebrities have publicly criticised the album. Lily Allen and Azealia Banks have both been outspoken about their disappointment. However, it has now strangely reignited a feud from over a decade ago.

Allen criticised Beyoncé’s ‘Jolene’ cover. However, Banks told the British singer to “stop right there and sit this one out.” She also repeated an allegation she made years ago about Allen making racist remarks, writing, “Should we discuss that phonecall you made to me a few years ago? Obviously off your face, crying, sobbing and snotting, asking me to forgive you for randomly being racist.”

However, many are tired of Banks’ commentary on racism as she, herself, has been highly racist, anti-semitic and homophobic over the years. Furthermore, many have highlighted the Harlem emcee’s hypocrisy.

Upon the release of Cowboy Carter, Banks called the theme Western theme “redundant” and insisted that the country-inspired lyrics sound “really forced.” She also suggested the singer should “Just fucking retire.”

Yu can see Banks’ attack on Lily Allen below.