Azealia Banks quits record label run by “silly fragile, white liars”
(Credit: Manfred Werner)


Azealia Banks quits record label run by “silly fragile, white liars”

Nothing is ever straightforward in the world of Azealia Banks. When the rapper signed to Parlophone late last year, you wondered whether order could be restored to her tempestuous career, but after only a matter of months, she has quit. 

In a typically hard-hitting Instagram post, the hip hop star didn’t pull any punches, posting: “I’m leaving Parlophone. This staff is full of really silly, fragile white liars. The roster is full of corny losers, and I’ve had it lmao.”

She continued: “Like how many idiots does it take to screw in a fucking lightbulb?” With that in mind, Banks has decided to release her forthcoming fashion-based single ‘New Bottega’ independently on platforms this week. 

She claims that the main reason she has decided to go it alone is because the “shit was stressing” her out. She has, however, had some problems of late. While touring in Australia, she cancelled shows saying “this place makes me utterly miserable” but promoters later countered this continental claim and labelled her the most “disgraceful” client they have ever worked with.

During these chaotic recent times, Banks said: “In all of this hooting and hollering—all this attempt to assassinate my character and all that, there is no mention of my mother f-cking money.” Asking: “Where is the money bitch?”

This seemed to highlight the troubled spot she has found herself in. Only in November 2022, she was relishing the prospect of partnering with Parlophone, posting: “Bitches I just got signed to Warner/Parlophone UK! I’m coming home. I did it. I wasn’t going to let you down” Now, she is unceremoniously stating: “I don’t get dropped, I drop the label.”