Attorneys report that 4900 people were injured at Astroworld Festival
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Attorneys report that 4900 people were injured at Astroworld Festival

After it was announced that Travis Scott had been asked to perform at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards, a lot of people revisited the details of the horrific events at the Astroworld music festival last year where multiple people had died and were injured. According to the latest report filed by attorneys, it seems like the initial numbers were wrong.

In the aftermath of the Astroworld debacle that had been described as a “mass casualty” event, multiple victims filed lawsuits which were combined into one large lawsuit. At the time, it was reported that there were 387 separate cases and the data showed that there were 2800 alleged victims with more expected to join later.

The attorneys of the Astroworld victims reported higher numbers in a new filing where it stated that there are 4,932 total alleged victims – including the 10 people who died, 732 who were seriously injured while the rest needed medical attention to some extent. This is a serious increase since the last report and it has put Travis Scott back in the spotlight.

Since the Astroworld incident, Scott has kept a low profile and only conducted his first public performance at a Miami nightclub recently. However, his inclusion in the Billboard Music Awards has raised questions about the event’s management who have claimed that they stand by their decision to provide Scott with a platform.

This lawsuit will cause concerns for promoter Live Nation and Scott who will probably push back against the new total filed by the attorneys of the alleged victims. Described as one of the “deadliest concert disasters in history”, Live Nation and Scott have been accused of negligence which resulted in multiple deaths and injuries.