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A$AP Rocky reveals he is dating Rihanna

A$AP Rocky has confirmed the rumours and revealed it is true that he is currently dating Rihanna.

The New York rapper hasn’t released an album since 2018’s Testing and has been working on his upcoming project, All Smiles, since last summer when he ventured on a cross-country trip across the States with his partner, Rihanna. Rocky said that the body of work “ghetto love tale” that is “way more mature” than his previous material.

Although Rocky was probably under strict obligations to not speak about his relationship, he couldn’t help himself from spilling the beans to GQ: “The love of my life,” he called her. “My lady,” he added. “She amounts to probably, like, a million of the other ones. I think when you know, you know,” he said. “She’s the one.”

GQ states how last summer, the couple drove on a tour bus from L.A. to NYC and stopped in over half a dozen cities on the way. Rather than playing shows, they listened to The Stones, the Grateful Dead, Curtis Mayfield, visited national parks, Rocky dropped acid and made his own clothes.

The rapper noted how Rihanna has helped him with the album but didn’t mention if she features on the upcoming release. “I think it’s important to have somebody that you can bounce those creative juices and ideas off of,” he said of her influence on his new music. “It’s just a different point of view.”

Speaking more about the upcoming album, he said: “It’s all about the evolution. If I’m still doing the same shit with the same sounds and the same bars and the same visuals from years ago, what’s the point? You got that catalogue. You can go revisit that.”