Antonio Brown accused of impersonating Lil Wayne
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Antonio Brown accused of impersonating Lil Wayne

Antonio Brown, a former NFL football player, is being sued by a Florida music promotor for trying to trick him out of $500,00 by saying the money was for rapper Lil Wayne.

The lawsuit – filed by Ryan Kane on October 6th in Sarasota County Court – claims that Brown used the rapper’s name to procure a contract for $100,000. He is also accused of breach of contract and defamation over the “exclusive artist agreement” signed back in July. The one-time NFL player is also said to have sold Kane a fake high-end watch for $160,000.

The suit claims that Brown cheated Kane’s company, Secure the Bag Entertainment, out of $175,000 in fake expenses. It’s also said that he made comments of a sexual and racial nature to several STB executives. The expenses include $87,000 for five hours in a Los Angeles recording studio and $8,500 for a chartered flight on a private jet for Brown and his friends.

According to reports, the problems started when the company refused to pay for Brown’s expenses. Kane has since called the rapper a “liar and a thief”. The CEO said that he gave brown $150,000 to sing with his company, believing that it would help him promote his song ‘Cracked’ featuring Lil’ Wayne.

Kane was then told that Wayne wanted “250,000 in cash” and that it should be paid to Brown. Kane has said he was later threatened by Brown, who said, “the check better be good”.

Since he left the field during a Tampa Bay Buccanneers win over the New York Jets in 2022, Antonio Brown has been no stranger to controversy. The rapper apparently exposed himself to (and was forceful with) a woman staying in his same Dubai hotel.