Anita Baker asks Babyface to “call off” hate from fans
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Anita Baker asks Babyface to "call off" hate from fans

Singer Anita Baker has become embroiled in a Twitter spat with some fans of Babyface and has now asked the 12-time Grammy Award winner to “call off” the hate. 

Baker is currently on her Songstress tour, her first in nearly 30 years, which marks the 40th anniversary of her debut album of the same name. It commenced on February 11th at Florida’s Hard Rock Live and will conclude on December 23rd at the Oakland Arena. 

Babyface is supporting Baker on the run, and last month his opening set in Newark was cut short after starting nearly two hours late, with Baker also complaining that his performances are too long. Due to her complaints about Babyface, Baker has received backlash from some of his fans. 

On Sunday, June 11th, Baker took to Twitter to share her thoughts, suggesting that Babyface is going over the time allotted to him per the contract. She wrote: “It was 9:30pm. Contractually?… It was waaay past time [for] the headline performer to be on stage”, adding that she was not the one in the wrong and that she hopes her “fan base and reputation is restored.”

Adding elsewhere: “This Truth? Will never Reach all of the Places & People that The Slander & Intentional Fake News has been, *deliberately Sent 2* I dont really, do Press. It’s Exhausting. I simply prefer to Sing I’m Praying the Truth reaches My Global Fan Base & My Reputation is Restored”.

Some fans of Babyface responded to Baker by not accepting or acknowledging him as her opening artist. She responded: “Dearest one. You are Not, privy to *The Contracts*. Yes, Babyface is Special Guest/Support Act, on My Tour. This False Narrative, of A Co-headliner is creating Unrealistic Expectations & Aggression, from his fans towards me. He should tell you guys, the Truth”.

Baker also labelled the Babyface fans she was receiving backlash from as “Kenny’s Crazies”, as his real name is Kenneth Edmonds. She wrote: “Good Morning, to… Kenny’s Crazies, who continue to Harrass”. She asked Babyface to “call off” the fans sending her hate. “Please call off your fans,” she said. “I have been only kind and supportive of you as the special guest/support on my tour.”