André 3000 reveals Big Boi’s reaction to flute LP
(Credits: Kai Regan)


André 3000 reveals Big Boi’s reaction to flute LP

André 3000 recently unveiled that his former Outkast counterpart, Big Boi, had one of the best reactions to his 2024 flute instrumental album, New Blue Sun. The musician also previewed the project to artists like Tyler, the Creator and Frank Ocean.

The Atlanta native knew that he was taking a considerable risk when he released his instrumental album but has unveiled that he got some feedback from his friend and longtime collaborator Big Boi (real name Antwan Patton). 

In an interview with the magazine High Snobiety, André 3000 (real name André Benjamin) disclosed that he played some of the avant-garde instrumental jazz project to Patton before releasing it. 

Detailing Patton’s reaction, Benjamin disclosed, “He was smiling. He was like, ‘Man!'” Benjamin also explained why he chose not to rap on his latest project, stating, “I swear, I really wanted to make a rap album, but this is literally the way the wind blew me this time.”

Speaking about other individuals he previewed the album to; Benjamin revealed he played New Blue Sun for a “lot of buddies,” as well as his son, who told him, “‘It’s the real thing. It’s not a mimic. You really did this.'” 

Speaking about his personal listening party with Tyler, The Creator, André disclosed, “I was in Tyler’s living room listening to it, and then Frank [Ocean] just shows up. And so we’re all sitting there listening to it.”

He continued, “I’m wondering what the young people’s opinions would be. And I’m so happy that what I’m hearing is really good feedback.” Explaining why he chose to enter the jazz genre, Benjamin unveiled his influences.

Benjamin insisted A Tribe Called Quest’s Q-Tip was behind his love for jazz, concluding, “As a kid, jazz music meant some old-people shit that’s in elevators. Q-Tip found a way to make it actually cool. The jazz guys were actually the rap guys of that time. They were doing heroin, they were in clubs. Years from now, people are going to listen to trap music and think, ‘Oh, that’s nice.’ It happens. It happens.”