Amazon Music launches new hip-hop podcast ‘Rotation Roundtable’
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Amazon Music launches new hip-hop podcast 'Rotation Roundtable'

Amazon Music has just announced two new music series: the Latin/pop culture show La Semanal Live and the hip hop-focused Rotation Roundtable. The second of these is set to premiere on March 15th and combines a hybrid Twitch live stream with an hour-long podcast inspired by Amazon Music’s Rap Rotation and R&B rotation playlists.

Rotation Roundtable is hosted by journalist and executive producer Speedy Morman, On the Radar creator Gabe P, journalist Rob Markman and Power 105.1 host/ producer Nyla Symone. Each episode will see the quartet tackle a “Big Question”, debate, give “Hot Takes” on important topics, and conduct guest interviews.

“I’m super excited to finally have a safe space to speak candidly amongst people who actually know the culture,” Symone says of Rotation Roundtable. “My point of view is that culture isn’t about the clout or politics, it’s just about the music.”

The show will air on Wednesdays at 9pm ET on Amazon Music’s Twitch channel. Each episode will be available as a video podcast the following day on Amazon Music and Wondery’s Youtube channel. The audio podcast will be available on Amazon music and all major streaming services.

La Semenal Live, meanwhile, is set to debut on March 24th and focuses on the biggest stories and releases in Latin popular culture and music. The show is hosted by Puerto Rican journalist, influencer, and podcaster Gio Rosado.

The 60-minute live music programme will feature artist interviews with some of Latin music’s biggest names and, throughout March, will be celebrating women in Latin Music.