A$AP ROCKY says new album ‘Don’t Be Dumb’ is “best work yet”
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A$AP ROCKY says new album 'Don't Be Dumb' is “best work yet”

Rapper A$AP ROCKY is currently working on his next album and admitted that he thinks that the tracks on it are the best work he’s ever made. The record is called Don’t Be Dumb and is said to be experimental in its approach.

In an interview with DAZED, the rapper said of the follow-up to TESTING, “I’ve been really experimenting as usual and what I like about this is it feels like my best work yet.”

He added, “I want to leave expectations wide and open. I don’t want to tell you what to expect. I just want people to experience it how they do naturally.”

As of yet, Don’t Be Dumb does not have a confirmed release date, so it remains to be seen whether A$AS ROCKY plans to put it out before the end of the year or at some point in 2024.

His last single arrived back in July this year, ‘Riot (Rowdy Pipe’n). He also played some new unreleased tracks at the 2 Chainz Amazon Music Live show series in December last year, including ‘Same Problems’, which features Miguel and Thundercat.

ROCKY and the A$AP Mob have been praised recently by Black Thought for bringing in a new era of New York City hip hop. “It’s so braggadocious, it’s so macho, it’s so Harlem,” he told Pitchfork, “But it’s also genre-transcendent.”

Black Thought added, “New Yorkers who had creative blinders on and weren’t able to see beyond two feet in front of them began to adopt a different perspective in their process. Rocky represents the beginning of that for me.”