Fans campaign for Aaliyah to be inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
(Credit: Mika-photography)


Fans campaign for Aaliyah to be inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Aaliyah fans are currently campaigning to have the late singer inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 

The late R&B star tragically died in a plane crash in 2001 despite expressing concerns about boarding the light aircraft that appeared to be in a state of disrepair before take-off. Since that tragic end, her popularity has continued to grow. 

Now, her fans are thinking that it’s about time that her work was honoured by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They have since launched a petition that has amassed more than 7,000 signatures and counting. As it stands, it only needs around 300 more to hit its target. 

Albert Tsibu, who started the petition, writes: “More than 20 years after her tragic death, Aaliyah’s presence and influence is still being felt throughout the world of music, fashion, film and pop culture. As Aaliyah once stated in her 2001 episode of MTV Diary, she wanted to be remembered as a full-on entertainer and someone who did it all; which is exactly what she did within her 7-year career.”

His emotive pledge continues: “As a legion of loyal and dedicated fans, many of Aaliyah’s posthumous tributes and accolades over the years have come to fruition due to our hard work, diligence and patience. Aaliyah being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame would not only be fitting for a musical legend but well-deserved for someone who is still influencing a new generation of artists and musicians with her innovative body of work that stands the test of time to this very day.”

His message then concludes: “If you feel that Aaliyah deserves to be amongst the musical legends whom are inductees on the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, please sign the petition and spread the word!”

While the pledge is not binding and the RRHOF will ultimately make the call, the public show of support does, nevertheless, show has loved and respected she was as an artist.