A Takeoff tribute tattoo has become the largest in the world
(Credit: YouTube/Hip Hop Hero)


A Takeoff tribute tattoo has become the largest in the world

A Tattoo that was penned earlier this year in tribute to the late Migos rapper Takeoff, who was murdered in 2022, has officially been certified by the Guinness World Records as the largest tattoo in the world.

Drawn up by J.R. Outlaw, as well as other tattoo artists at Atlanta Ink, including Iron Palm Tattoos & Body Piercing, and Pèse Noir, the tattoo follows a recent performance honouring the emcee at the BET Awards.

The artists used a 79-foot piece of synthetic silicone skin to create the record-breaking design, and the process of penning the design took the team several days to complete. However, now it is done, a great honour has been bestowed upon them.

In a recent interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the tribute organiser, Outlaw, spoke about the piece and the impact Takeoff had on the world, explaining, “I think Takeoff was just a big influence in the city and the culture of Atlanta, like in general.” 

He continued, “It was really the whole group. They made a real, lasting impact on the city, so we just wanted to do something to memorialise him, and that’s really what it was about.” Atlanta valued the Migos greatly, and following his murder, the city honoured him with a memorial at State Farm Arena.

However, this latest synthetic tattoo is not the only ink art penned as a tribute to the deceased ‘Versace’ act. Offset also has his own tattoo tribute to the musician that covers his entire back. Following his recent BET performance, the emcee took to social media and named the Migos as “the greatest group to ever touch the mic.”

It’s indisputable that the trio were extremely popular in their heyday. However, the BET Awards competition for the title ‘Greatest Rap Crew’ resulted in the public determining Death Row as the greatest hip-hop group, with Wu-Tang a close second. However, it’s undeniable the effect the Migos have had concerning contemporary rap music.