6ix9ine reveals how he shot ‘WAPAE’ video in Uganda
(Credit: Vladimir)


6ix9ine reveals how he shot 'WAPAE' video in Uganda

Rapper 6ix9ine has revealed how he filmed the video for his latest single, ‘WAPAE’, which features footage of Ugandan communities, with children dancing and crows being greeted by the musician. The New Yorker took to Instagram to share how he shot the video in the African country and shared some behind-the-scenes footage.

6ix9ine captioned his new post: SMALL RECAP of how I Filmed & Edited the whole #wapae video all on a iPhone ALL in 1 day. He wrote: “To all the artist in the world don’t let nothing stop you from doing what you love. It’s right there just do it.

The only person who’s stopping you and is in your way it’s you. Thank you so much to the hyper kids in Uganda for showing me love and allowing me to come to there home. I love you Uganda.”

 “Wow… I just want to say thank you,” the musician continued. “1,300,000 views & #4 already trending in the world in 3 hours. I decided to jump into the Latin market because 1. I am of Latin [descent] & 2. Not the main reason but I did sign a 3,000,000 dollar deal in 2020 for a Latin album that I never delivered. But I never expected to receive the support that you guys have given me. I want to say thank you & I love you.”

Watch below.