50 Cent trolls Diddy & Jay-Z with deepfake
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50 Cent trolls Diddy & Jay-Z with deepfake

Power creator 50 Cent is continuing to troll Bad Boy founder Diddy as he fights multiple sexual assault lawsuits. This time, the rapper (real name Curtis Jackson) has aimed at Diddy and Jay-Z with a New Jack City deepfake.

Taking to Instagram on April 28th, Jackson posted a humorously edited scene from the 1991 thriller New Jack City with the caption,  “This thing is bigger than Nino Brown. LOL New Jack Diddy.”

The original scene sees actor Wesley Snipes, who plays gang leader Nino Brown, plead guilty to a charge and get sentenced to a year of jail time. The policeman present in the courtroom (Detective Appleton) is played by Ice-T. However, Fifty changed the detective to represent Jay-Z.

Fifty’s caption, “This thing is bigger than Nino Brown,” suggests that Roc Nation founder and businessman Jay-Z may have known about Diddy’s misconduct behind closed doors, which includes alleged crimes of sexual assault and sex trafficking. 

However, this isn’t the first time that 50 Cent has dragged Jay-Z into his mockery of Diddy. Last month, the Get Rich or Die Tryin’ emcee shared an image of a milk carton with Jay’s face edited onto its missing children’s section.

Under the photo, Jackson wrote, “Anybody seen J? LOL,” highlighting Jay-Z’s silence concerning the legal drama Diddy is currently facing. He continued, “Puff said the [ninja emoji] ain’t answering his phone. LOL.”

The Roc-a-Fella mogul has yet to comment on the allegations made against Diddy, including the lawsuits filed by Cassie and producer Lil Rod. This also isn’t the first time Fifty has utilised deepfakes.

Following Homeland Security raids of Diddy’s properties, Jackson uploaded a deepfake video showing former president Donald Trump saying, “Puffy, you stupid ass n*gga. I told you stop fucking with R. Kelly. I said, ‘Grab them in the pussy. Don’t kidnap the pussy.’”

You can see 50 Cent’s latest deepfake below.