50 Cent on why he gave Lil’ Kim ‘Magic Stick’
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50 Cent on why he gave Lil' Kim ‘Magic Stick’

50 Cent has given hip-hop fans an unfathomable amount of hits. However, the 2003 hit ‘Magic Stick’ is one often wrongly attributed to the Queens emcee (real name Curtis Jackson).

The Fantom of the Beat-produced track that was set to appear on Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ didn’t manage to make it onto the album. However, Fifty knew the instrumental was too good to be discarded, so he gave it to a female emcee.

In an interview with Apple Music while on his Final Lap Tour, the Massacre musician unveiled why the song ended up in the hands of his fellow New Yorker Lil’ Kim, and, in the process, revealed that his initial choice of Trina was wrong. 

In the early 2000s, Miami’s ‘Diamond Princess’ Trina was quite a prevalent figure in the charts. As such, Jackson gave her the ‘Magic Stick’ instrumental. However, according to the rapper, she “fucked up the record.”

Elaborating on the process of handing over the track to another artist, Fifty explained, “Get Rich, it was 20 songs. I had no room for ‘Magic Stick,’ which was written for Get Rich or Die Tryin’, but it didn’t make it.” 

He continued, “I wrote that record to intentionally work with Trina. I sent it to Trina, and they fucked up the record. I was like, ‘Yo.’ The lyrics and everything was messed up. Gee Roberson heard the record and came and got it from me. He was like, ‘Yo, I need this for Kim. I need it.'”

Fifty concluded by stating, “She had made a good record, but it didn’t have the formula that Biggie created for her to have success in our culture. It didn’t have the sexuality. It was like, ‘I’ve been gone for a minute now I’m back…. ‘The record with her and Mr. Cheeks… But ‘Magic Stick’ was spot on for her.” ‘Magic Stick’ ended up being a single for Kim’s 2003 project La Bella Mafia.