50 Cent names his favourite rapper ever
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50 Cent names his favourite rapper ever

50 Cent is one of hip-hop’s wealthiest men and provided a blueprint for many artists today in regards to maintaining relevancy and adapting their brand. The Queens rapper broke onto the scene in the early-2000s after signing with Shady Records in 2002 and exploded with his smash hit ‘Wanksta’ from the 8 Mile soundtrack. 

The emcee only got bigger from there and, in 2003, released what many deem to be the best debut album of all time, Get Rich Or Die Tryin‘. With hits such as ‘In Da Club’ and ’21 Questions,’ the lyricist, real name Curtis Jackson, became one of the most prominent artists in New York and then worldwide. 

Although Jackson didn’t receive a Grammy for his debut album, there is a consensus in the music industry that the recipient, OutKast, did not deserve the award for ‘Best Rap Album’. Moreover, other hip-hop acts have defended Jackson. Kanye West once told the Academy, “You all robbed 50 Cent of his Grammy!”

However, Jackson continued to make music, and his 2007 album, Curtis, was made alongside figures such as Jay-Z, Kanye West and Lil Wayne, among the most potent hip-hop acts in America. However, following the project’s low sales when compared to West’s Graduation, Jackson adapted and entered the world of television production. 

Irrespective of whether he currently makes music, 50 Cent’s heart will always remain loyal to the art form of rap, and when the 11-year-old TikTok sensation Jazlyn Guerra approached the Queens artist to ask him about his favourite emcee of all time, he was quick to answer.

During his short but sweet appearance on Jazzy’s World TV, 50 Cent unveiled that his favourite rapper was the 1980s legend KRS-One of BDP. Although Jackson’s most revered artist is a legend, this may shock many as KRS was at the heart of a Bronx vs Queens battle known as ‘The Bridge Wars’ but KRS-One’s lyrical ability is unparalleled. 

Laughing with the 11-year-old, Jackson stated: “That’s a long time ago!” However, he also expressed that his favourite contemporary hip-hop artist is Roddy Ricch, most known for his hit single ‘The Box’.

You can watch the brief interview in the video below.