50 Cent defeats MF Doom in Twitter debate for GOAT
(Credit: Alex Const)


50 Cent defeats MF Doom in Twitter debate for GOAT

The debate about the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) continues to rumble on, and a recent Twitter debate has controversially put 50 Cent in poll position over MF Doom.

@HipHopEsp launched the vote on December 31st and gave followers the chance to select from 16 rappers. Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Eminem were among those in contention, but it was 50 Cent who quickly emerged as a fan favourite.

In the first round of voting, 50 was up against MF Doom, and he overwhelmingly raced to victory with 70% of the public vote. Unsurprisingly, this angered Doom’s legion of fans, but the unwavering support for Curtis Jackson from the public can’t be downplayed.

One user who defended the result said, “First hot take of the year. In terms of greatness, 50 Cent is better than MF DOOM.”

Meanwhile, another said, “50 Cent sold more in his first week on his debut album then MF DOOM did his entire career, don’t mention these two names in the same breath.”

The late MF Doom was a completely different kind of talent to 50 Cent, and their skillsets were incomparable. While Jackson is undoubtedly more commercially successful, that wasn’t something Doom chased and isn’t a fair barometer to measure the duo.

However, when this debate was put to Twitter, in all likelihood, there was always only to be one winner.