2Pac’s 50 greatest songs of all time
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2Pac's 50 greatest songs of all time

There is simply no doubt that Tupac Shakur’s legacy will remain untarnished for decades to come. The rapper wasn’t just a landmark lyricist or extremely gifted performer he was, the voice of a generation, the leading light of his field and, like many heroes before him, he is remembered as an icon. What better way to pay tribute to the man than with his 50 greatest songs in one perfect playlist.

Of course, part of 2Pac’s icon status comes from his sad demise. At the height of his fame, amid a flurry of flashing lights and media drama, Pac was gunned down as he began to peak. Though his killer remains at large, it has left Pac remembered as a figure who can never get old, fat or boring. He is Makaveli, and his memory will now never be washed away.

It’s easy to point to Tupac’s death as a primary reason for his legendary status, and it certainly played a part. However, the real reason that Tupac Shakur is still as highly valued and trusted as he once was is that the artist was real in every sense of the word. Not only was he unafraid to throw a fist or put up a middle finger when he felt himself being corralled into a situation that he didn’t think was worthy. Likewise, musically, Pac was so self-assured in his talent that he was happy to kill any beat, any time anywhere.

Of course, Shakur was blessed with a natural rhythm and was more than capable of applying himself off the cuff to any situation. But the real reason his work is so highly respected is that he committed himself to the craft. On every song, within every album, we are given a piece of Pac. Unashamedly, he cut himself to see the blood; unreservedly; he taught us that the world was a dangerous place if we let it pass us by and, because of this, he became an unequivocal hero.

25 years from his death and the legend of Tupac still lives in the world of hip hop. His influence is as keen as ever and his songs still grace the radio airwaves whenever possible.

Below, we’ve picked out his 50 best songs as part of a stellar playlist showcasing just why Tupac Shakur is a timeless icon.

Tupac Shakur’s 50 greatest songs:

  • ‘I Get Aorund’
  • ‘Papa’z Song’
  • ‘Dear Mama’
  • ‘Hit ‘Em Up’
  • ‘Hail Mary’
  • ‘All Eyez on Me’
  • ‘Ghetto Gospel’
  • ‘Fuck the World’
  • ‘Do For Love’
  • ‘Me Against The World’
  • ‘Can You Get Away’
  • ‘California Love’
  • ‘I Ain’t Mad At Cha’
  • ‘Can’t C Me’
  • ‘To Live & Die in L.A.’
  • ‘Life Goes On’
  • ‘Starin’ Thru My Rear View’
  • ‘Can U Get Away’
  • ‘Toss It Up’
  • ‘Pour Out A Lil Liquor’
  • ‘When We Ride’
  • ’16 on Death Row’
  • ‘Against All Odds’
  • ‘Thug Passion’
  • ‘Me & My Girlfriend’
  • ‘Thugs Get Lonely Too’
  • ‘Bomb First’
  • ‘Lie To Kick It’
  • ‘Out on Bail’
  • ‘White Man’z World’
  • ‘Brenda’s Got A Baby’
  • ‘Death Around the Corner’
  • ‘Just Like Daddy’
  • ‘Holla If Ya Hear Me’
  • ‘Pain’
  • ‘Thugz Mansion’
  • ‘Keep Ya Head Up’
  • ‘I Wonder If Heaven Got a Ghetto’
  • ‘Outlaw’
  • ‘How Do You Want It’
  • ‘Changes’
  • ‘Ghetto Star’
  • ‘Picture Me Rollin”
  • ‘My Block’
  • ‘God Bless the Dead’
  • ‘Heaven Ain’t Hard to Find’
  • ‘Only God Can Judge Me’
  • ‘5 Deadly Venomz’
  • ‘2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted’
  • ‘Letter 2 My Unborn’