2Pac murder suspect Keefe D granted $750k bail
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2Pac murder suspect Keefe D granted $750k bail

In 1996, the murder of Tupac Shakur shook the world of hip-hop. However, until recently, the case had been closed and considered unsolved. However, last year, Duane ‘Keefe D’ Davis was arrested and charged with the emcee’s murder.

When Davis was put into police custody last September by the Las Vegas Police Department, it was assumed that he would remain behind bars until his trial. However, the defendant’s attorneys recently managed to convince a judge that Davis is not a danger to society or a flight risk and should, therefore, be eligible for bail.

A judge set Davis’ bail at $750,000. However, many are infuriated and believe that Keefe D’s well-known to the Compton Crips gang means that he is a danger tp the community and should remain in jail until the trial.

Before his arrest, Davis had bragged about being in the car with the murderer following the Mike Tyson vs Bruce Seldon fight at the MGM Las Vegas on September 7th, 1996. but has consistently insisted that he is not the trigger man who murdered Shakur.

The defendant’s attorneys managed to convince the judge by arguing that if Davis was so dangerous, why did it take authorities almost 30 years to arrest him. They also highlighted that if he was a cold-blooded killer, he would have been involved in at least one murder since 1996.

Keefe D is the uncle of Orlando Anderson, who has been the suspected killer for many years. Anderson had an altercation with the All Eyez On Me rapper and his crew inside the MGM Grand in Las Vegas hours before the emcee was murdered. 

Davis’ $750K bail isn’t a small amount of money, and unless Davis can get someone to produce that cash, he will remain behind bars until the trial. If he is released on bail, he will have to wear an ankle monitor while on house arrest.